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Nicole & Robin | Engagement Session

Since I don’t photograph weddings, it’s not very often that I get to work with engaged couples. But when I do, it’s SO fun!!! The guy is always trying to get the girl to blush, giggle & there’s a lot of kissing that happens πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ It’s SUCH an incredible season in a couples life & I’m always honored to play a small role in it.

Robin contacted me just days after his beautiful Nicole said YES to him at Starved Rock where he TOTALLY surprised her with a proposal. It was going to be a fun session for me personally because I’ve known Robin from church for the past 7 years & I’ve spent fun times with his family. I’m so happy for Robin that he has found his princess πŸ™‚ During our FaceTime date we had a week before their session, I could see how much Robin loves Nicole & just simply adores her. Robin & Nicole wanted a fall session at Bradley University in Peoria where they met as students at the College of Engineering & it TOTALLY fit them! Gorgeous campus & gorgeous couple.

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-12

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-13

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-11

I think Robin & Nicole laughed for 80% of their session which I LOVED!!! They are totally smitten with each other & it’s SO obvious.

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-5

And she thinks he’s pretty swell as well πŸ˜‰

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-2

At one point during the session, Robin took Nicole in his arms & just started dancing with her. It was like I wasn’t even there! Oh what a romantic πŸ™‚ What a couple! I hope you have many, MANY more times of spontaneous dances in your marriage you two!!!

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-9Β Β Β  Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-10

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All because two engineers fell in love πŸ˜€

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-14

During our communication before their engagement session, Robin emailed me & what he wrote I’ve been WAITING to share in this blog post:

Robin- Thought I would personally email you here so that you would be prepared for Saturday without Nicole knowing… hehe πŸ˜€ I am just going to completely wing it and do some pretty silly things and make Nicole laugh majorly …. Just thought you should know because those might turn into some pretty cute photos!

To this I responded- It’s obvious you care for Nicole a lot!

(Grab a tissue Nicole before reading this next part…)

Robin- I do love her a ton! It’s kind of amazing when you realize that you want to marry that person that you are with & how much love that you can have for them. I never knew that when you love a person so much that it could hurt!Β 

Nicole&Robin | www.nomi-photography.com-1

Oh what a great guy you’re getting Nicole!!! And what a treasure the Lord has given you Robin! I pray the Lord will bless the remainder of your engagement & that your marriage will always keep Him first!!! All the best you two!