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David | High School Graduate Session

I love my brother David.

Some of you may not know, but I am the oldest in my family & I have 3 other siblings. A sister & two younger brothers.

I’ve shared this story with people before but never written about it. One time when my sister & I were very young (aka no little brothers were in sight) we were playing at a playground. There were two little boys that were brothers that showed up to play too. My sister & I had such a blast with them. I remember enjoying myself so much that during the midst of our adventures on the swings & laughs on the slide, I prayed & asked the Lord for two brothers just like them. I didn’t just want one, but two. TWO brothers.

Years later, the Lord answered my childlike prayer. I can still remember that day at the playground clear as day. And I’m very, VERY thankful that the Lord didn’t give me just one brother, but TWO.

My brother David is awesome. He’s my grocery shopping buddy- every two weeks he joins me in picking up everything on my grocery list & we have a brother/sister date. He’s very good with little kids. He’s musically talented in so many ways. Rap & singing solo’s. He makes the best hot chai tea ever. My parents dog & my sister’s dog love him. He’s got a mind for business & could probably run Apple himself. He writes awesome poems. He’s very discerning & can tell when someone’s feelings are hurt or is being left out. He’s very helpful. He’s funny. Actually, he can be pretty hilarious.

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-5

His “classic” funny face 🙂

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-3

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-4              David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-7

This is one of my favorites.

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-2

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-8

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-1

I love you David. I prayed for you years ago & I’m so thankful the Lord answered my prayer by giving our family you. You’re talented. You’re smart. And you care about people. I’m thankful you’re my brother.

PS This was one of the very last picture we took & it’s my very favorite.

David High School Graduate Session | www.nomi-photography.com-9

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Leah | College Graduate Session

My sister is so beautiful. It was a joy to be able to spend time with her on her 25th birthday last month & capture some fun portraits of her. Other then my husband, my sister is truly my best friend. We have tons of inside jokes & quote old black & white movies that no one else has even heard of. (Although she often trumps me by quoting a movie line & saying, “What’s that from?” & I can’t remember.) Leah’s hilarious & is often cracking me up through-out the day with texts full of her wit.

Leah is also a very wise woman. And smart. This next month, Leah will be graduating from Illinois State University, magna cum laude with her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

We spend some time in my parents neighborhood for awhile at the beginning of her session. Leah thought of having her morkie dog, Lucy, for part of the session & I thought it was a great idea!

Lucy looking up at her momma 🙂

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-1

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-4

If you’ve been to my parents house & met Lucy, I’m sure you’ll agree with everyone else that she’s a sweetie. Because everyone loves Lucy 🙂

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-2

I could have posted TONS images from just this portion of the session. My sister is SO beautiful.

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-5

The soon to be graduate & teacher!!!

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-8

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-7

I love you Leah! You’re not just my sister, but my best friend 🙂 I know you are my little sister, but in so many ways I look up to you. This has been a hard year for you & I’ve seen you to continue to grow & blossom instead of shrink & wither. You pressed on. Through these past years at Heartland & at ISU, you pressed on. I’m so PROUD of you. I could never have done what you’ve accomplished. You’ve let the Lord guide your dreams & take you down the journey He has for you. The best is yet to come. And I promise, I will be the LOUDEST person at the Redbird Arena on the ISU campus come December 13 next month when you walk. I will be smiling, crying (as I am now 😉 ) & yelling, “THAT’S MY SISTER!”

I love you Eah.

Leah | College Grad Session www.nomi-photography.com-10

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Chloe | High School Senior Graduate

I met Chloe through her older sister Heidi (who I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her family several times!). We scheduled a Skype date a few weeks before her session & discussed her Senior Session. I immediately liked Chloe. She has gorgeous curly hair that reminded me of mine. She loves Jesus & is practical & knows what she wants.

The evening of her session we had to work around rain, homecoming pictures being taken by other people 😉 & even a wedding! But through it all Chloe was a trooper. She was so easy to talk too. We talked about the app TimeHop, her job, music & tons of other stuff. I really didn’t want the evening to end!

Chloe also has a huge heart for missions. She’s been to Haiti twice & really loves the people their & that country. We used a globe to highlight that passion of hers in her session.

01 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com

Chloe was so easy going & totally let me do some more “creative” stuff with her including hiding her face behind the globe!

02 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com.jpg

Love these.

04 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com.jpg     05 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com.jpg

03 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com.jpg

Chloe & her grandma share the same initials. The monogram on her pinky with their initials was something Chloe wanted highlighted at her session. The pearl ring was her grandma’s. I love it when clients bring things that are THEM & shows how unique they are!

06 Chloe www.nomi-photography.com.jpg

Chloe, I was honored to spend time with you for your senior pictures. I know you’re going to continue to make a difference in the world. You’re an amazing girl. Beautiful inside & out.

Chloe | High School Senior Session-1

Chloe | High School Senior Session-2

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