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Jouret | Family Session

As I said before, my family has known the Jouret for 5+ years now. My sister Leah & brother Isaiah, were able to be under Mike & Bekah’s leadership while they were youth pastoring in Missouri. My sister has said several times, that Pastor Mike & Bekah was her favorite youth pastors. Because they took time for her & loved her & invested in her. People like that aren’t found everyday. And the Jouret family is definitely special & REAL.

Their family session was actually a organized & put together by a family friend, Garth. Garth is special guy to my family AND the Jouret Family. He’s a fun “big brother” figure to the Jouret kids. He emailed me several months ago & asked about meeting up somehow in St. Charles for a session & I’m so glad he did!

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Jouret Family | Family Session-25

It was great being able to catch up with the Jouret Family & Garth. And I loved that they had the idea of wearing their MIZZOU gear! I have to say that after spending a year in Columbia, Missouri, I still smile when I see those black & gold colors 😉

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Time for some football!!!!!!!!!

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I love these three pictures & Garth’s face at the end!

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Thanks for putting this together Garth!

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