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Knapp | Group Family Session

I met Nathan & Elizabeth Stice a couple years ago at our church. We were both newly married brides & I always loved being able to talk to Elizabeth, even if it was just for a moment. She’s one of those people who you just WANT to talk too. Always asks “So how are YOU?” & really listens.

And Elizabeth, I’m sneaking in this photo with you & your mother because I can & it’s just SO precious.

Knapp | Group Family Session-15

Elizabeth contact me earlier this year to talk about surprising her mom with a gift of a family photo session from her & her siblings. Because she was so on the ball, I had several months to look forward to this family group session! And it did not disappoint!!!!! I met the Knapp Family in Peoria at a fun park they chose & really just enjoyed getting to know this family that now consists of 4 wonderful couples!

Knapp | Group Family Session-13

Knapp | Group Family Session-5   Knapp | Group Family Session-8

Knapp | Group Family Session-6   Knapp | Group Family Session-7

All the girls!

Knapp | Group Family Session-1

And their handsome fellas!

Knapp | Group Family Session-2

I love this photo below because they were all telling me about a favorite family memory. I think they laughed about it more then told me because all I understood was just a few words here & there between laughs! hahah! FUN MOMENT!!!!!!

Knapp | Group Family Session-3

The kids & their spouses!

Knapp | Group Family Session-4

There was an inside joke presentation that happened during our session 😉 You’ll have to ask them about it 😉 But it pretty much made me feel even more like family to be able to capture it.

Knapp | Group Family Session-10   Knapp | Group Family Session-12

MaryAnn, I know this session was for you. Your kids love you & knew how much you wanted these pictures. You kept thanking them & me over & over for such a special evening. Oh I was SO happy for you!I just want to personally thank you for being so sweet towards me. As a pregnant momma-to-be your sweet words & kindness just filled my heart that evening. And I know that your husband & children have been blessed with the same love & affection shown to them. They’re a blessed family & you’re a beyond blessed mother. I hope you treasure these images for YEARS to come!!!


Knapp | Group Family Session-14