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Sessions | Mini Session

I met the Session Family just one year ago! They had recently bought a lovely new home with the help of Leah Bond (aka best realtor ever 😉 ) & I had gone over to take a few photos of them in their new house! Karen is just seriously, like seriously, one of the most nicest people I’ve ever “met” thru email & she’s even nicer in person! We really hit if off after I met her & her husband & 3 handsome young fellas last year. Then Karen emailed me right before my maternity leave & said they wanted new pictures once I was back! So just a few weeks ago we got to have a mini session! Here’s some of my favorite images from it!

These two! I wanted to take them home with me to hangout with Elizabeth!





Such handsome young men!

Karen-8  Karen-6  Karen-7


Here’s Karen with her boys! And if you’re interested in where Karen got her skirt that matches her boys shirts, she’s a LuLaRoe consultant and HERE is the link to her group for more info!


Martindale | Mini Session

Love these photo’s of Misty & her littles! Well, her littles that aren’t so little 😉 It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen these 3 handsome boys & their sister & let me tell you, they are probably THE MOST POLITE children I have ever met!!!

I’m totally thinking of putting their pictures on my own walls since they’re all wearing my favorite color- navy 😉 Kidding! Well maybe I’m not 😉 It was a hot evening for pictures but they sure look AH-MAZING!!! These are such sweet photos of such a sweet family!

Love this one of Misty & her baby girl!

Misty -8

Misty -1       Misty -3

Misty -2        Misty -4

Misty -5

Misty -7        misty-1

Misty -6

And my very favorite!!!

Misty -10

Nomi Photography Senior Experience

It’s a special in your life. Just a few more months to go & you’ll be graduating from high school & moving on into what the future has for you.

So your mom says it’s time to think about senior pictures. It’s time to decide who you’ll choose to photograph you, what to wear & all that jazz.

Now imagine me (Hello!) waving BOTH my arms up in the air & waving “OOoooooo! Pick me, PICK ME!!!” Yes! Now that I have your attention 😉 Let me share WHY I love doing senior pictures & how I go about it.

You, me & a parent/guardian will meet up. Just for a half hour maybe & chat. I’ll probably say a few corny jokes, show you a million pictures of my adorable daughter & we’ll get to know each other 🙂 I’ll want to hear about YOU. Your passions, what you love to do, what you don’t love to do. What things describe YOU & what would really say “THIS IS YOU” within a photo.

Why? Because I believe that YOUR senior pictures should be you. Not funny awkward poses that make it look like you’re all bent in weird contortions. Not using the same locations that a hundred other seniors have used. I want to capture YOU. And where YOU love to hangout & just be.

Do you love horses? Great! Let’s work that out. Do you have a pet you’d like in your photo’s? Bring them! (I’m a little scared of snakes though! 😉 ) Are you a huge fan of Starbucks? Ummm, we can TOTALLY work that in your session! Play an instrument? Love Tae-Kwon-Do? ALL of these things (except the snake 😉 ) I’ve made happen because a senior I’ve photographed has wanted to bring it into their session because it was THEM.

Why do I do this? Well, to quote Dr. Seuss…


Let’s take photographs you’ll love for forever. Photographs that look like YOU & are YOU. And you know what? I can promise you, no one else will have photos like you because, “there is no one alive who is youer than you!” Email me at for more details, any questions & we will begin the Nomi Photography Senior Experience!!! (If you’d like to view senior sessions I’ve done before, just use the search bar on the right side of my blog here & type the word “senior” to view them!)

Cambry |

Waverly |




Back-to-School Mini Sessions for 2016!

Please note these mini sessions are for families that homeschool only.

Matteson | Back to School Mini Session-23

For the past two years, I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed getting to meet & connect with fellow homeschooling families in the Bloomington-Normal area. I was homeschooled along with my 3 siblings & my husband was as well! I am very passionate about education at home & Eric & I hope to do the same with our future children.

So once again, I wanted to give local homeschooling families the opportunity to be able to have their children have their own “Back-to-School” pictures 🙂 . Plus, I know how challenging it can be to make time in a family’s calendar for pictures, I wanted to leave opportunity in case the entire family wanted to have pictures & not just each individual child!

Therefore I am offering two types of packages for the Back-to-School Mini Sessions:

Individual Student Session:
First Child – 3-5 Images | $30.00
If you have more then one child-great! After your first child, it’s just $20.00 per additional child.
Session will take 10 minutes.

Family Session:
Family’s up to 6 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) 5-10 Images | $75.00
Session will take 15 minutes.

To reserve your session on either Saturday, July 16 OR Saturday, August 13, or if you have any questions just email me at & we will get you in!!! Every year of homeschooling is a milestone! And capturing your children & family at this time, is a joy of mine

All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via email with a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded to your computer & then printed wherever you choose. Print Release is also included. Full payment is due at session. An online contract & more details about preparing for your session will be provided ahead of time. These sessions are not suitable for seniors in high school. No outfit changes are allowed.


Roberson | Newborn Session

Leah & Jonathan have become special people to me. I met them back when I first photographed their One Year Anniversary back in early 2015. Then this past fall Leah & I started conversing about doing a group family session with Jonathan’s side. She also shared (to a very pregnant me!) that they were hopefully going to very soon announce that a Little Roberson would be on the way. So I guess you could say I’ve been looking forward to this session for a looonnngggg time!

It also was a super special session for me because it was my first Newborn Session after being back from my maternity leave & having Elizabeth. Someday I’ll write an entire blogpost about it, but I truly see photography & approach my photography in a totally different way then I did before she was born. I knew that would happen, but I don’t think I understood how deeply it would change me photography wise.

These pictures are special to me (I keep saying special but they just are!). Jonathan & Leah are an amazing couple who have dedicated their lives to seeing others lives changed. And now I’ve been able to watch them become parents & see THEIR lives changed. And for the better 😉

Everyone, meet Gracelyn Rae!!!

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session     R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

I just LOVE this one of daddy & daughter!!!!!!

R Newborn Session

Oh my heart! Safe in daddy’s arms.

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

Perfect family of three.

R Newborn Session

And this is just my favorite of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

R Newborn Session

BEAUTIFUL mother & daughter!!!! And I just love how the colors just floowww together.

R Newborn Session

R Newborn Session

Happiness times 3.

R Newborn Session

Precious Gracelyn, you’ve been prayed for & loved on from the start. We’re so glad you’re here!!! May you grow to be a strong woman of love & grace & be full of wisdom & peace. (Oh & PS you have some pretty fantastic parents 😉 ) Welcome to this world Gracelyn Rae.

R Newborn Session