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Poppins | Newborn Session

Amelia is now a BIG sister! Aubrey Maureen was born just a few days after Christmas on December 28. I’m a little partial to December baby’s myself 😉 so I was pretty excited when little Aubrey came before the new year 🙂

Here’s a few of my very favorite photos from my time with the Poppins Family. I just LOVE what we captured!

Sweet, sweet Aubrey Maureen!     

Kymber, you are SOOO gorgeous!!!! Just stop!!! This is seriously a new favorite mother & precious baby photo of mine!

This is what big sis does while she’s waiting for her turn for pics 😉



Charlotte | Newborn Session

Today’s post is about a very, very special girl. She is so special. Her story is amazing & miraculous, one of hope & promise. In fact, I’ve asked her momma to share her story, their story of how they prayed, waited & longed for Charlotte. It’s a story that she needs to tell, not me. Their story is a wonderful reflection of the power of God & needs to be told as only the mother of Charlotte Elizabeth can tell it. I invite you to read these words that are directly from Charlotte’s momma’s heart.

“We had almost given up hope that we would have a child. Charlotte has three siblings in Heaven, who sent her to us. After the heartbreak of two miscarriages and one ruptured ectopic pregnancy, she is the blessing of God’s redemptive power. I thought my body was broken, and because we prayed through tears we learned God’s healing is perfect. She is perfect, because God takes the broken and makes them whole.

She is our miracle…



The odds have been stacked against her since the beginning, and yet here she is. The road on the journey to this point of her life was paved with many obstacles. I had gestational diabetes and a marginal cord insertion while pregnant with her. Every minute of her life, even before conception, has been covered in prayers of those who love her. She is the living proof that God listens to His children. I held my breath for nine months. I was guarding my heart from another lose, but she is here. God’s protection is perfect. She is perfect, because God shields those who find refuge in Him.

She is our fighter…

charlotte-blog-post-4charlotte-blog-post-1    charlotte-blog-post-5

Diamonds are formed by heat and pressure over time. Our story is one of walking by faith through the fire. She is the outcome of our refining and the embodiment of God’s faithfulness. We have been waiting years for her, and while still not understood with our finite minds, God’s timing is perfect. She is perfect, because from ashes God makes beauty.

She is our diamond…


charlotte-blog-post-20 charlotte-blog-post-19charlotte-blog-post-15charlotte-blog-post-10 charlotte-blog-post-13 charlotte-blog-post-11 charlotte-blog-post-12     charlotte-blog-post-23

charlotte-blog-post-3 charlotte-blog-post-7

Our story will shape the kind of parents we will be. It will shape the person she will become. I prayed that she would be healthy and that she will grow to know Jesus. We still have scars on our hearts for the ones we lost, but she is the string God used to stitch the pieces back together. I pray she will be the light of God’s love. I believe that God has big things in store for her. While we do not know the future, we rest in knowing that God’s plan is perfect. She is perfect, because God creates life where there was nothing. She is our joy…

 She is our child.”


Thank you Elyse for sharing your heart. Your beautiful words needed to be put along these photos. Tears well up in my eyes every time I read your story & look at these photos. May the Lord grant you & Chuck wisdom, patience & peace as you raise Charlotte. May her story, your story be told to encourage others. You’re a strong momma because you lean on the Lord. I love you. I can’t wait to watch Charlotte Elizabeth grow up into who the Lord has designed her to be! – Naomi

Chuck & Elyse’s maternity pictures are HERE if you missed them.




Welcome Tobias | Newborn Session

Sweet Baby Toby 🙂 If you go a few posts back, you can read Tobias’ Birth Day Story or just click HERE. About a week after he’d been born, I got to go see him again! Only this time he was at home & hanging out with his mommy & daddy & two older brothers.

The LaBerge Family is very special to my husband, Elizabeth & I. Seeing dear friends grow their family has got to be one of God’s special gifts He gives. I actually was able to photograph Harrison, Toby’s older brother’s newborn pictures (you can see them HERE).

Here’s a few of my personal favorites from my time with Toby & his family!


Baby boy was pretty awake for most of his session! He wanted to keep an eye on me 😉




I love these two photos of Amber & Toby!



These next two photos will just melt your heart…




Love their faces 🙂



I love how Kyle looks at his son.


tobys-ns-blogpost-17   tobys-ns-blogpost-18




I love ALL the pictures from this session. I really, really had a hard time choosing just a few for this post. But I feel this last photo really captures the love, the joy & the silliness 😉 in this precious family. Love you guys!  tobys-ns-blogpost-20


Roberson | Newborn Session

Leah & Jonathan have become special people to me. I met them back when I first photographed their One Year Anniversary back in early 2015. Then this past fall Leah & I started conversing about doing a group family session with Jonathan’s side. She also shared (to a very pregnant me!) that they were hopefully going to very soon announce that a Little Roberson would be on the way. So I guess you could say I’ve been looking forward to this session for a looonnngggg time!

It also was a super special session for me because it was my first Newborn Session after being back from my maternity leave & having Elizabeth. Someday I’ll write an entire blogpost about it, but I truly see photography & approach my photography in a totally different way then I did before she was born. I knew that would happen, but I don’t think I understood how deeply it would change me photography wise.

These pictures are special to me (I keep saying special but they just are!). Jonathan & Leah are an amazing couple who have dedicated their lives to seeing others lives changed. And now I’ve been able to watch them become parents & see THEIR lives changed. And for the better 😉

Everyone, meet Gracelyn Rae!!!

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-18

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-10     R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-13

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-11

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-7

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-6

I just LOVE this one of daddy & daughter!!!!!!

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-8

Oh my heart! Safe in daddy’s arms.

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-1

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-2

Perfect family of three.

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-4

And this is just my favorite of all!!!!!!!!!!!!

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-5

BEAUTIFUL mother & daughter!!!! And I just love how the colors just floowww together.

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-15

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-14

Happiness times 3.

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-3

Precious Gracelyn, you’ve been prayed for & loved on from the start. We’re so glad you’re here!!! May you grow to be a strong woman of love & grace & be full of wisdom & peace. (Oh & PS you have some pretty fantastic parents 😉 ) Welcome to this world Gracelyn Rae.

R Newborn Session www.nomi-photography.com-9


Scheduling a Newborn Session

Sharpe | www.nomi-photography.com-1I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. I want to photograph ALL THE BABIES 🙂

Every momma has a list of things they need to get done. Especially when a new baby is coming to the family. While having a Newborn Photo Session with the newest little is always a want, it doesn’t always get to happen. Whether it’s because mommy & daddy didn’t know who to work with, or the timing of when to have the pictures or even if they have the time for pictures, all these things on top of other reasons can make scheduling a Newborn Session confusing.

That’s what this blog post is about. I’m going to clear the confusion for you by answering those questions including others such as “When should I schedule my baby’s first photo session? I’m not due for 6 months, should I still get that figured out?” “We have other kids we’d like to incorporate into the session, is that possible?”

So start off, first things first. You’re expecting- HOW EXCITING! Please know I am over the MOON excited for you & that I will strive to make this process of scheduling your new baby’s FIRST ever photo session.

1) Once you know you’re expecting & have a due date, that’s really all you need in order to schedule your session with Nomi Photography! As a photographer, I’m oftentimes am scheduling sessions MONTHS in advance & if you would like me to capture your newest addition in their first couple of days, all you need to do is email me at naomi@nomi-photography.com. Once you email me, we will more then likely setup a phone date to chat & get to know each other.

2) I HIGHLY recommend having your baby’s pictures done within the first 3-10 days of their life. Why? Labor side effects (like skin spots & their head shape) have diminished but they are still all ready to curl up & be all cuddly as if they were still in the womb :). (Day 9-12 of their life they’ve already begun developing muscles & are *tear* already growing up just way too fast!)

Sharpe | www.nomi-photography.com-2

3) So we will look at your due date & I will put that specific date on my calendar. Now I’ll be in touch with you during your pregnancy as you get closer to your due date just to see how you’re doing & if there are any changes. Once Baby comes, I will send you an email that says something along the lines of this: “Hey Mama-CONGRATULATIONS! You have just delivered a beautiful, precious baby & I am here ready to go! Here are the times within the next 3-10 days that I am available to come over & capture your little one. You do NOT need to answer me back right at this moment. I just want you to know I’m here, I’m aware Baby has arrived & just let me know at your earliest convenience that I am SOOOO EXCITED to come see you & meet your precious new bundle of love!”

4) We then work out a time that I can come over to meet your new little one & I count down the days until I’m able to meet your Baby 🙂

And ta-da! We’re ALL SET!

That’s IT? you may be asking. That’s it 🙂 Through the process of us getting to know each other, I’ve already talked to you about outfits, the best times of day to have the session & a few other little things.

I simple ADORE newborn sessions at my client’s homes. Your house DOES NOT have to look like a Martha Stewart magazine. All we need are windows & the right time of day for lighting to hit those windows. Some mommas get nervous about their home being perfect & please don’t be. I get more into that during the process I go through with my clients, but all I ask for is your bed to be made & windows. Seriously. If I see anything during the session that needs to be moved, I’ll move it. If you need to move to a different area of the house, I’ll move you. That’s my job 🙂 Besides, you just gave birth to a little one & if you’re making your house look all perfect instead of cuddling the newest addition to your family, I may just scold you a bit 😉

Sharpe | www.nomi-photography.com-4The benefits to having a session in your own home are endless. ESPECIALLY when you have a new little one. Why worry about lugging everyone to a location that’s not your home when I can come STRAIGHT to you? Besides, you cuddling your Baby where you do life & love is just priceless.

I allow 2 hours for each Newborn Session. Most take an hour & fifteen minutes. I simply LOVE incorporating other members of the family. Obviously, daddy is a must & the other siblings are always a joy to capture as they are getting to know their newest family member. (And please, someone invite the grandparents to the session as well! I would LOVE to capture them with Baby as well!)

Sharpe | www.nomi-photography.com-3So if you’re expecting, please go right up to Step 1 & email me. Let’s work together to capture the very first days of your Baby’s life <3 Because why? Because I want to photograph ALL the babies 😉 (Yep, there it is, I said it again! ;-))

PS If you’re interested, click HERE to view all the details regarding my Maternity+Newborn Session Package that is here for 2015!