Favorite Images from 2014 | Part I

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First of all choosing my personal favorite images from each session I had in 2014 (all 42 of them!) was WAY more difficult then I imagined it to be. Several of these families are very close friends & others became close friends! I didn’t realize how much of my heart was connected to each session. But as “hard” as it was for me, it was also a wonderful experience- to look back & remember all of these special moments that I got to be a part of with so many incredible people. I’m not just saying that to make you all feel good 😉 I am truly thankful & blessed to have worked with each person/family/couple I met in 2014. And let me just say, looking back has made me VERY EXCITED for 2015. EXTREMELY excited 🙂

So just a reminder, this blog is a mini series, which basically means I will be posting several blogs posts to hold ALL of the images. I can’t put all of them in one! I’m spreading them out into about 3 posts (so there’s about 2 more coming!). I’m also adding the photo’s in complete random order. So if you don’t see my personal favorite image from your session, don’t freak out! 🙂 It’s coming! Hopefully the suspense won’t kill you 😉

You may be wondering how I chose my personal favorites, but before I answer that question, remember it was EXTREMELY hard to me to pick my favorites!!! Basically all the sessions I had about 2-3 fav images per session. It was very hard to narrow them down. But the ones I chose, are those that have personally stayed in my mind, touched my heart & made me fall even more in love with photography & capturing the smiles of so many people. If you look at each picture, you’ll notice I didn’t always choose the “perfect picture that had the perfect lighting & perfectly centered pose”. I usually chose ones where there’s a true genuine smile on their face or a belly laugh about to happen, the mom glowing while looking at her husband, a daddy holding his daughter close or you can totally see true love & tenderness in the eyes of those in the picture….AHHH!!!!! Who’s ready to see some pictures??? 🙂

Fav's of 2014-17

Fav's of 2014-1

Fav's of 2014-35

Fav's of 2014-2

Fav's of 2014-26

Fav's of 2014-18

Fav's of 2014-43

See the Weber full blog post here- https://nomi-photography.com/2014/11/weber-family-session/

Fav's of 2014-22

Fav's of 2014-5

Fav's of 2014-34

Fav's of 2014-6

Fav's of 2014-27

Fav's of 2014-19

Fav's of 2014-13

Check back in the next few days for Part II!

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