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To end my 2015 photography season with SUCH a special family & at a fun, incredible location was just perfect! I’ve always wanted to have a session at Ewing Manor, it’s been on my photographer dream list & I was SUPER excited when Nikki suggested having their family session there. Barker Family + Ewing Manor = Amazingness

Pop on some Christmas music & grab a hot chocolate & visit the Ewing Manor with the Barker Family & I! Barker |

Barker |

My husband & I love the Barkers, who doesn’t? 😉 We’ve loved watching them go from a couple to a family of four.

Barker |

Barker |

One of my favorites right here! Barker |

They kind of like each other 😉 Barker |

Barker |

Favorite! Barker |

Hadley & Eliott are precious little ladies to us. I can’t believe Hadley is halfway to 3 years old & Eliott is on her way to 7 months! Each girl has such a fun personality & I’ve loved being able to watch each develop. And I LOVED their pretty dresses Nikki had them wear! The colors were just perfect!Barker |

Daddy & his Hadley girl 🙂 Barker |

Barker |

It was my pleasure to spend time with you four, Barker Family 🙂 It was fun seeing what we’ve talked about for awhile now all come to life. But my most favorite part of the session was seeing the love you all share. Hadley & Eliott are blessed girls. They have parents that love the Lord & each other.

These images make me SO ready for Christmas & I had this song going through my head while putting together this post. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs & I think it’s a perfect ending:

Another year I’ve had with you
We’ve grown together beyond all that we’ve been through
This season holds a place in me
Where there is always room to make new memories

It’s Christmas time my darling
And all I can say is I’ll love you
For only always

Only Always, by Kathy Troccoli

Barker |

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