Eliott Turns One!

Baby Girl Eliott, where has the time gone? It was just yesterday that we took your Newborn Pictures & then it was just a few days after that I feel that we did your 6 Month pictures & took some pictures with your mommy & daddy & big sister. Now you’re turning one next weekend & I feel like I just blinked & you grew up.

At your newborn session, I had horrible morning sickness (no one knew we were pregnant with Elizabeth yet!) & just today I was holding our Elizabeth Leah & you were being all sweet & gentle & playing nicely with her. I pray you Eliott & my Elizabeth are friends in the making. The Wilcox Family loves you sweet girl. I love your smile, your BIG beautiful eyes & your sweetness.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-8

The location we went to for Eliott’s One Year Session is a new favorite of mine. I totally did not plan that there would be so many beautiful purple spring trees & that Eliott would be wearing a purple dress! I love how the purple flowers through her session just made her little outfits pop! The flowers make special appearances in so many of her photo’s!

Flowers at Hidden Nature Center-8

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-26

Her mommy brought this special rocking chair from home that Eliott loves sitting in!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-15

Happy girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-18

It’s so tiring being a Princess 😉 Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-16

Those eyebrows!!!!!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-19

I love that her mommy brought a hat with! It was so cute watching Eliott play with it & I feel like it helped her personality come out even more!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-39

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-42     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-33

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-41     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-37

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-28

My personal favorite!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-43

Love you bunches Eliott Nicole!!!

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