Amelia Turns Two!

Amelia is Two!-1

I met these three wonderful people when little Amelia was just 6 months. I was welcomed into their home & we had a life&love session & then a year ago, we celebrated Amelia turning one! This time, we got together for two special reasons! Amelia is turning TWO!!! AND she’s going to be a big sister!!!

Isn’t this cute little tea table idea that her mommy had & PUT TOGETHER ALL BY HERSELF simply adorable? #momoftheyear 😉

Amelia is Two!-10

Amelia accidentally kept pushing the sign over & then would giggle & it was just too funny to us!

Amelia is Two!-8    Amelia is Two!-9

You are going to be such a wonderful big sister Amelia!!!!

Amelia is Two!-11

Oh sweet Amelia, how loved & precious you are!

Amelia is Two!-7

Amelia is Two!-5    Amelia is Two!-3


Amelia is Two!-2   Amelia is Two!-12

Amelia is Two!-6

The birthday girl!!!!

Amelia is Two!-13

Poppins Family, I know I’ve told you already, but being able to connect with your family several times now for sessions just makes me feel like I’m spending time with good friends, not just clients. You have raised such a sweet little girl & I CANNOT WAIT to see you as your family grows to a family of 4!!!!!!

Amelia is Two!-4

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