2019 Mini Sessions!

Here it is friends! The list of Mini Sessions I will be offering in 2019!!! (Keep reading for more info about each individual mini session theme/date!)

2019 Mini Session Dates

Mom & Me – May 10

Summer Family Mini’s – June 8

Back-to-School Mini’s for Homeschoolers – August 16 & August 24

Sibling Mini Sessions – September 6

Fall Family Mini’s – October 19 & November 2

Christmas Mini’s – November 16 

I consider those on my e-newsletter list to be “my people” & “my people” find out when I release signups for mini sessions first! Plus you get first dibs on signing up for a spot!😉 Click HERE to join in. Please note that all dates are subject to change (life happens!) but for the past few years I haven’t had to change one date! (If you’re not quite sure what a mini session is or if it fits your specific needs, I’ve written a blog post that’s HERE that you can read ALL the details about them 🙂)

Here’s some details about each mini session!

MOM & ME Momma’s are usually the ones taking the pictures so use the opportunity to be in FRONT of the camera for once! Cuddles with your babies & laughs with your teens, these mini sessions are one of my favorites, especially after becoming a mom! I’ve already got this years location chosen & let’s just say imagine fields, wild grass & Victorian furniture 😍 Mom & Me Mini’s are also PERFECT for expecting momma’s ie maternity pictures!!! So if you have a friend who’s expecting let them know 😉 I’ll be sending out signup info VERY soon! Photographing mom’s & their littles or bigs or both is a favorite of mine!!!

SUMMER FAMILY MINIS These will be in June & BELIEVE ME you’re going to love this year’s location! Already got it in my head 😉 These are the perfect mini’s if the fall is a bit busy for you or if you’ve got a kid going off to college- get some family photos before they’re gone!

BACK-TO-SCHOOL MINIS I’ve got two dates for these fun mini’s that are just for homeschooling families. They’re always a favorite highlight to wrap up the summer! These photography sessions will be as they’ve always been. I will still be offering the choice of individual portraits of the students and/or family pictures!

SIBLING MINIS These are the PERFECT opportunity for you to get individual pictures of your children. It’s the ONLY mini session that I now offer individual pictures. (You can read more about that in my 2019 New Policies blog post.) That’s why I’m offering in September the Sibling Mini Sessions. If you’re not wanting a regular session but want just a few single photos of your kids, Sibling Minis will be a perfect match! Feel free to email me with any questions!

FALL FAMILY MINIS As usual Fall Family Mini’s will be happening & on two different dates!

CHRISTMAS MINIS And last but not least CHRISTMAS MINIS!!! Yes! These WILL be happening & at an indoor location that I’ve already chosen! Can’t wait for those to happen!!!

Mini Sessions are offered on a first come, first serve basis. I only offer these at specific times of the year & they are typically between 20-30 minutes max. If you’re wanting individual portraits of your children or multiple wardrobe changes, a full session would be a better option for you!

For the past few years I have tried to still offer individual pictures of children at mini sessions. After evaluating my clients experiences & wanting the best for everyone, this year I will be standing firm on not offering individual photos of children at mini sessions. That’s why I’m offering in September the Sibling Mini Sessions. That is the ONLY mini session where I will offer individual portraits in a mini. Otherwise a regular session is best for your family if that’s what you’re needing!

So get these dates on your calendars, planners, iCal’s & watch your emails for when signups are available for each individual mini session as we get closer to their dates! Please, please, feel free to email me with any questions! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

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