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It’s the week of Thanksgiving & I’m finding myself listing things I’m grateful for. It’s not a surprise to me that most of  “things” are indeed people & the list of people I’m thankful for seems to be unending.

I’m thankful for my friend Kaela. We met about 7 years at a weekend retreat for pastors kids in Illinois. Kaela was coming with a team from a church in Rockford to volunteer their help & my sister & I were coming from Normal. I don’t remember how or even what we said when we first met, but I know Kaela & I clicked & I wanted to be around her laugh & wise words as much as I could that weekend 🙂 If you know Kaela she’s all about scarves, messy buns & loving people. During our time at the retreat, God used her to confirm some stuff that was going on in my life & I’ve never forgotten that.

Kaela & I did get to meet up a few years ago in Fargo, ND where she was working & my mom’s side of the family live. We exchanged updated life stories & I told her about the guy in my life (Eric) & she told me about the guy (Peter) in hers. Fast forward to 2016 🙂 Kaela & her little family have been traveling in the U.S. this year & getting ready to travel back to Africa to love on the people there & tell them the Truth & Good News of life. It worked out perfectly for them to come by Normal & we had a mini photo session, spaghetti AND the BEST PART of all was that our girls got to meet! (Photo of that at the end of this post!) Oh & of course our husbands had fun meeting too 🙂

Now I’ll quit writing & let you look at these pictures- pictures of such a PRECIOUS & SPECIAL family.


Arielle sure loves her mommy & daddy!!!!

olson-blog-post-4    olson-blog-post-10

This one just melts my heart to pieces.


And of course this!


olson-blog-post-8      olson-blog-post-9

She’s the joy of their worlds.


Those eyes & that smile!!!!


I love this next picture. I wasn’t planning on this happening, but if you look close to the right of this picture, you can see mommy & daddy in the picture 😉


olson-blog-post-7    olson-blog-post-6

JOY overload!!!



olson-blog-post-16       olson-blog-post-17

olson-blog-post-19    olson-blog-post-18

And these two!


Peter, Kaela, & Arielle, we love you guys!!! We hope to have many get togethers, even if they’re several years a part 😉 in the future. We are praying for you three & that God will protect & use you. Love, Eric, Naomi, & Elizabeth




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