Poppins | Newborn Session

Two years. It’s been two years that I’ve had the sheer pleasure of working with the Poppins Family! For our first session together, their daughter Amelia was turning 6 months old! Then 6 months after that we met up for when Amelia turned ONE! I think though my favorite session with them (before the one I’m actually blogging about today!) was when Amelia turned two this past summer & the Poppins Family shared that they were growing to a family of FOUR!

That brings us full circle to the reason for this post today! Amelia is now a BIG sister & Ben & Kymber have not just one, but TWO precious, little girls. Aubrey Maureen was born just a few days after Christmas on December 28. I’m a little partial to December baby’s myself 😉 so I was pretty excited when little Aubrey came before the new year 🙂 I was let into the secret of Baby Poppins #2 coming since they wanted me to help them take the “announcement photo” & I’ve been anxiously awaiting Aubrey’s arrival so I was SUPER excited to meet her just a few weeks ago!

Here’s a few of my very favorite photos from my time with the Poppins Family. I just LOVE what we captured!

Sweet, sweet Aubrey Maureen!     

As you look through these you can just see the love pouring out of Ben & Kymber as they look at their daughters.

Kymber, you are SOOO gorgeous!!!! Just stop!!! This is seriously a new favorite mother & precious baby photo of mine! This next picture just blows.me.away. I love it so much. Parents practically giddy with love over the new adventure they’re embarking on & the words “You will forever be my always” so perfectly completing the moment. This is what big sis does while she’s waiting for her turn for pics 😉

    As Kymber has said before (& I totally see it!)- Ben LOVES being a dad! I care so much for this family. Over the past two years they’ve become not just clients but friends & that just fills my heart. Congratulations Poppins Family of FOUR! I believe the best is yet to come for you all!






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