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Lorelei Turn’s One!

This sweet girl. I remember finding out the Deal Family was expecting another little one. They already had an adorable little boy who I’d had the please of photographing in the beginning stages of my photography business. Braden is a sweetie & I was hoping a little sister would be given to him.

I know I’m not the only one who was hoping for a sister for him. When Ashley & I talked on the phone before Lorelei’s One Year Session, I smiled when she said, “I LOVE having a girl!” I know that feeling myself so well. It’s just so wonderful to have a little girl. Ashley went on to say “Even having matching mommy & daughter dresses is so fun.”

Lorelei is THE sweetest thing. She thoroughly enjoys the camera & I loved the time together I had with her & her mommy for her session.

Isn’t this dress just PERFECT?!

The details in her dress…..

Now I know what all you momma’s are wondering. Where did they get that ADORABLE sign? Well, Lorelei’s mom MADE that chalkboard sign. No joke! When I saw it, I joked with Ashley & said she’s going to be getting requests from people now that I’m putting this picture in my blog post!

Lorelei is a farm girl. Her family farms & she just looked TOO adorable in this romper & playing in the dirt. She’s a girly-girl but she knows how to play in the dirt!

Ashley brought along Lorelei’s cute little piggy that she used for taking Lorelei’s monthly photos with. I LOVE that idea! What a way to see everything come full circle 🙂

“I hope you love flowers & getting nails done.” Ashley said that about her sweet precious girl when we were talking about Lorelei & how crazy it is that she’s now 1! Sweet Lorelei, I hope that for you too! That you always love flowers, always love playing in the dirt & always stay as sweet as you are precious girl. Happy One Year Lorelei 🙂


Amelia Turns One!

Are you ready for some SUPER sweetness??

This little just turned one & I got to hangout with her & her parents for a bit a few weekends ago at a new FAV location of mine! I’d been just dying to use this special spot I’d spotted 😉 hehe & Amelia’s session was the perfect time to do so!

Amelia was so interested in exploring! It was so fun to see her take a few steps (!!!!) on her own & watch her little personality flourish in front of my camera!

Do they make shoes like these in MY SIZE??? 🙂

My personal fav right here!

Amelia’s mom & I have a fun backstory! We used to work at Cracker Barrel together! And for a season, we attended Heartland Community College & had a time during the day we could study together 😉 Or it was more like more talk & less study 😉 April actually (not even sure if you’ll remember this April!) helped me play an April Fool’s joke on my now husband but who was at the time just a crush of mine 😉

Now April & I are both married & have our own little girls! Cory, April’s husband & Amelia’s attentive daddy, came along for the session & I tell you, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a daddy love on his girl more! BOTH April & Cory were SO sweet & loving towards Amelia. The focus of the session was the birthday girl but I just had to grab a few of this loving trio!

Happy birthday Amelia!!!! Your parents & so many others love you soooo much sweetheart! I’m so glad I got to meet you sweet one & spend time with you!!!!

Nolan Turns One!

September of 2014 I was able to travel to St. Charles & meet up with two different families that I knew from Columbia, MO. One of the two was my longtime friend Brooke & her husband. I blogged their anniversary session that we had & spoke about two special phone calls we had shared (view it HERE). Well, I can now add another “special phone call” to that list as well. Brooke called me last year & told me that her & Nic were expecting!!!!!! We were actually pregnant at the same time for several months & then little Nolan made his appearance in August of 2015.

And now he’s turning ONE!!!!

Just a few weeks ago on Eric, Elizabeth & I’s way to our family vacation location, we stopped in Columbia, Missouri & got to spend some with with precious Nolan & his parents. It was actually my first time meeting him! Since Elizabeth was with us, both Brooke & I’s baby’s got to meet each other (go to the end of this post to see that pic)!!! Such a sweet time that I wish could have lasted longer!!!

So come take a moment with me & celebrate Nolan’s First Birthday!!!





Nolan-6  Nolan-4





So Nolan’s balloon popped at the very end of our time together! I actually was totally surprised by it & squealed at the noise! Nolan? He took it all in stride! This was his face after!!! It was like he was saying “What was that? Where’d my balloon go? And why are you screaming like a little girl?” hahaha


And these two photos were just extras! Had to get a quick snap of mommy & daddy & their birthday boy!!!!! Nolan-14

And here we are with our babies!!!! Elizabeth had been sleeping & so thus the jammies & sleepy face 😉

Brooke, I love you!!! We don’t get to talk as much as I would like to, but I am SOOO proud of the mommy you are!!! You & Nic are raising a fine, young man. Keep at it!!!!!! He’s going to be a such a sweetheart & I pray a man that loves the Lord!!!



Eliott Turns One!

Baby Girl Eliott, where has the time gone? It was just yesterday that we took your Newborn Pictures & then it was just a few days after that I feel that we did your 6 Month pictures & took some pictures with your mommy & daddy & big sister. Now you’re turning one next weekend & I feel like I just blinked & you grew up.

At your newborn session, I had horrible morning sickness (no one knew we were pregnant with Elizabeth yet!) & just today I was holding our Elizabeth Leah & you were being all sweet & gentle & playing nicely with her. I pray you Eliott & my Elizabeth are friends in the making. The Wilcox Family loves you sweet girl. I love your smile, your BIG beautiful eyes & your sweetness.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-8

The location we went to for Eliott’s One Year Session is a new favorite of mine. I totally did not plan that there would be so many beautiful purple spring trees & that Eliott would be wearing a purple dress! I love how the purple flowers through her session just made her little outfits pop! The flowers make special appearances in so many of her photo’s!

Flowers at Hidden Nature Center-8

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-26

Her mommy brought this special rocking chair from home that Eliott loves sitting in!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-15

Happy girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-18

It’s so tiring being a Princess 😉 Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-16

Those eyebrows!!!!!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-19

I love that her mommy brought a hat with! It was so cute watching Eliott play with it & I feel like it helped her personality come out even more!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-39

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-42     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-33

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-41     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-37

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-28

My personal favorite!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-43

Love you bunches Eliott Nicole!!!