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Eliott Turns One!

Baby Girl Eliott, where has the time gone? It was just yesterday that we took your Newborn Pictures & then it was just a few days after that I feel that we did your 6 Month pictures & took some pictures with your mommy & daddy & big sister. Now you’re turning one next weekend & I feel like I just blinked & you grew up.

At your newborn session, I had horrible morning sickness (no one knew we were pregnant with Elizabeth yet!) & just today I was holding our Elizabeth Leah & you were being all sweet & gentle & playing nicely with her. I pray you Eliott & my Elizabeth are friends in the making. The Wilcox Family loves you sweet girl. I love your smile, your BIG beautiful eyes & your sweetness.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-8

The location we went to for Eliott’s One Year Session is a new favorite of mine. I totally did not plan that there would be so many beautiful purple spring trees & that Eliott would be wearing a purple dress! I love how the purple flowers through her session just made her little outfits pop! The flowers make special appearances in so many of her photo’s!

Flowers at Hidden Nature Center-8

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-26

Her mommy brought this special rocking chair from home that Eliott loves sitting in!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-15

Happy girl!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-18

It’s so tiring being a Princess 😉 Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-16

Those eyebrows!!!!!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-19

I love that her mommy brought a hat with! It was so cute watching Eliott play with it & I feel like it helped her personality come out even more!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-39

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-42     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-33

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-41     Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-37

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-28

My personal favorite!

Eliott Turns One wwwnomiphotographycom-43

Love you bunches Eliott Nicole!!!

Family & Sibling Mini Sessions!

spring mini fam-1

Here’s the details!

  • Saturday, June 11
  • If for some reason there is bad weather, we will have your session you signed up for on Sunday, June 12 at the same time you signed up for on June 11.
  • Families with up to 6 members ($10.00 per additional family member after 6 members) is $100.00
  • Siblings with up to 4 members are $75.00 ($10.00 per additional sibling after 4 siblings)
  • Location is Fairview Park in Normal
  • Family sessions will receive a total of 15-20 images. Sibling sessions will receive 10-15.
  • All images will be delivered within 3 weeks of the session via a link to an online gallery where they can be downloaded & printed wherever you choose.
  • Print Release is included.
  • This session does not allow for outfit changes.

CLICK HERE to reserve your session spot. I look forward to spending time with YOUR family!

Brooklyn & Bentley | Sibling Mini Session-9Flowers at Hidden Nature Center-6 micah-1


Elizabeth Leah is Three wait, Four Months!

Hello from Elizabeth Leah! I am 3 MONTHS today! I’m getting bigger & bigger which means growing out of several clothing sizes & fitting into three month outfits. There are these 5 little things on my hands that I like to suck on & I LOVE to smile. Smiling’s my favorite. Mommy & daddy & I coo & talk all the time about anything & everything. I like to have their attention. I kick, kick, kick whenever I can. Mommy asked if I want to be a soccer player- whatever that is! A fun thing that’s happened this month is I get to go to work with mommy & see my friends in Minier two days a week. They’re all very nice & it’s fun to be with them. Well it’s time for my dinner- bye-bye for now!

Three Month Old Elizabeth-1

Three Month Old Elizabeth-3-2    Three Month Old Elizabeth-10


Hi guys! As of yesterday I am 4 MONTHS old! So what’s new with me you ask? Well, I really like these two things I have called my hands. They help bring things to my mouth that I want to discover & I can reach out & touch stuff & rub my eyes when I’m sleepy. Daddy says I’ve discovered my back muscles & I like to arch my back & move around especially when I’m sitting with mommy & daddy at church or laying on the floor. I LOVE to talk & blow bubbles. I hold my head up very well & notice colors & patterns. I like to keep moving & always want to be in the same room as mommy & daddy. One of my favorite things that happened this past month was Easter-it was my first one! I got to see a lot of our family & wear my pretty Easter dress that tastes really good. That’s all I have this month, see you later!


4-2-2 4-3

4-2 4-3-2


Emily | Senior Session

Before Emily’s senior session, I had a phone date with her mom. Emily & I had not met yet & immediately, my admiration for this amazing girl grew as her mom described her to me. “She sings, plays the piano, does cross country, Relay for Life…we think she’s pretty amazing.” Emily’s mom told me. My thoughts were confirmed when Emily had our Skype date just a few days later. She was calm, poised & I couldn’t wait for her senior session!

It was a little chilly the Saturday we met up, but Emily was a trooper! We floated from one location to the other & talked about shoes, Shellac nails, college, Relay for Life, the future & how she’s in an acapella group. Emily is simply gorgeous. And I know you’ll agree with me as you look through these images!


Emily       Emily

Emily- you’re SO beautiful!!!



Personal fav of mine!




Emily, it was a joy to photograph you as you enter into a new season of life. I think you’re pretty amazing & I know many others do. Keep reaching for the best & giving it your all girl! We’re cheering you on!


How a Photographer Chose Her Own Photographer

Just in the past 6 months, Eric & I (& little Miss Elizabeth Leah!) have had the chance to have two photography sessions. I’m always asked by people “who our photographer is” & how we find the photographers that we do. I thought I’d write out the 3 things I consider when choosing my own photographer & that maybe this will help you as well in the future!

I have several photographers that I follow their work & am inspired by. (You can see who they are HERE.) Any photographer that I want to have photograph my family & I needs to be someone that emulates the look & feel that I admire & love.

As a photographer myself, I want to work with someone that is professional yet fun. Delivers what he/she says they’re going to & in a timely manner. Someone who communicates to us before the session & during makes everything go smooth & is helpful. I also want to work with someone that shares the same values as me & doesn’t just mirror everything they see on Pinterest. I want someone who is inspired by my family & does things to get us to interact & be ourselves & get those genuine moments. I can’t take a picture of Eric & I goofing off together or of the THREE of us looking at the camera but I sure am going to search for a photographer who can!

1064_NaomiandEricMaternitycopy(Photo by the amazing, AMAZING Amy Paulson. You can see our entire maternity session on her blog HERE.)

Let’s be honest, if I was comparing two different photographers & they were both the exact same in every way, the one thing that would decide who I went with is the money. Just being honest! BUT I totally believe in paying a workman what they deserve! When we have needed a photographer for different times in our life we have gone with yes, the one who fit in our budget but also fit our style & caught our family on camera in a special way & if that meant paying a little more we did it anyway. Because friends, finding a photographer who catches the way your husband looks at you, makes your kids giggle & makes your family look forward to having family pictures done is a photographer you don’t want to want to loose!!!

Wilcox, Elizabeth newborn-51Photograph taken by my friend Megan Decker. I posted our session on my blog HERE.

I want a photographer that see’s into my family what I see but can’t capture because I’m there in the moment myself! We had Amy Paulson do our maternity session & my friend Megan Decker (who has actually retired from photography & now only does it for friends & family) capture Elizabeth’s newborn session. BOTH experiences were different & yet the same-the same in that they were both talented women who shared they CARED about my family. They were different in of course in that they had different personalities & thus different ways of capturing us. But they still had the three things that I wanted in a photographer- amazing style, wonderful to work with & were well worth their price. In each time we’ve needed someone else (other then Eric & I & our tripod or my sister!) we’ve applied these 3 principles & never been sorry!

How about you? What’s important to you in finding a photographer?